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Our purpose is simple - to reveal the human connections that drive business success.

What we believe

Human Connection Drives Audience Engagement

People are your customers, but they are also mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, friends, colleagues, fans… They are Human Beings with feelings, they have emotions and they have a belief system that drives their every move. So, in this ever changing world, how can today’s business cut through and connect? By authentically making that connection that makes your customer feel and believe in your business. This is no simple task. But the team at Emotive is driven to deliver a simple and persistent solution.


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Comprised of experienced and dedicated professionals who are obsessed with customer experience.

Customer Experience

Marc Whitehead

Research and Development

Nick Bond


Todd Finch


Jordan Van Schyndel

Chief Scientist of Labs

Nick Hobson


Eryn Chesney

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“A great way to measure emotional engagement of customers. The questions have been thoughtfully crafted and tested to ensure measurement beyond traditional satisfaction ratings.”
Toni Carpenter - Director of Consumer Insights, Chili's
Our Products

Actionable intelligence about your customer

We’ve spent years developing a suite of data-driven, SaaS-based products and services that help you transform abstract concepts such as "audience" or "customer" into fully-formed human beings, and provide specific guidance you can action to build strong, meaningful engagement with them.

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