Combining attitudinal philosophies with technologies and data science

What is Emotive Labs

Our incubator for innovation, Emotive Labs is where the big questions get tackled by our team of scientific and business advisors. Every decision, every product innovation, begins as a scientific question borne of the truth that any change in the world, of all scope and scale, starts in the mind: because attitudes are what drive actions.

Our Approach

We believe that our answers are only as good as our questions. We leverage a range of in-house and advisory scientific and strategic expertise to think about the biggest problems facing the global human society. We solve those problems with forward-looking strategic thinking and data-driven decision making. An interdisciplinary team of thinkers and doers, we stand for making positive change by tapping into the collective human ingenuity of people coming together to innovate, solve, and create together.

Our (ever growing) team of Scientists

Darja Kragt

Lecturer in Work Psychology, University of Western Australia

Jon Jachimowicz

Assistant Professor of Business Administration Organizational Behavior, Harvard Business School

Ashley Whillans

Assistant Professor, Negotiation, Organizations & Markets Unit, Harvard Business School