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The Apex Scoring System

Our products and services measure your customer or employee engagement and track them over time.

Apex Score

The Apex (Audience Perceptions and Engagement eXperience) Score is a survey-based metric designed to quantify the health of your brand based on your key audience’s feelings, beliefs, and intended behaviours. It allows you to not only track engagement over time, but to define the ingredients of engagement for your brand, and how improvement of it would be best approached.

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Apex Roadmap

The Apex Roadmap is a strategic process designed to take the Apex Score further. Informed by primary research, it uncovers the most meaningful and mutually beneficial connections that audiences wish to have with brands. Apex Roadmap recognizes that emotional attitudes influence the vast majority of brand relationships, and it uncovers the most poignant of them through a disciplined analysis of observations and insights. This results in recommended solutions that address a specific brand challenge, which has been identified from a rigorous discovery session at the outset.

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